Student Volunteers

  University of Brighton
Fresh Start has partnered with the Active Student at the University of Brighton over the years to offer their students the opportunity to volunteer in the community through their Community Engagement Program. The students make an invaluable contribution to Fresh Start in a variety of ways. This benefits both the individuals and families attending the sessions as well as the students themselves. In some cases students have reconsidered their career plans as a result of their very positive experiences in Fresh Start. Group of Student Volunteers


Current Student Volunteers

Jake Ovenden
Harriot Hayward
Meriem Alaoui Ismaili
Suzanna Anderson
Josh Stephenson
Hannah Russell-Tearce

Previous Student Volunteers

Paddy Nolan
Edward Ellson
Freya Amestoy
Laura Bradley
Litsa Evangelou
Natasha Pearce
Georgia Ford
Hannah Ravenscroft
India Evans
Jade Holdaway
Jenny Boyd
Kathryn Schmitt
Katie Schofield
Laura Ireland
Laura Yates
Nicci Contento
Rebecca Howlett
Imogen Callaghan
Sophie Ward
Elisa Papantoniou
Jo Hall
Rosie Rayner-Law
Stefania Tilica
Alex Wressle
Abby Palmer
Aimee Roper
Emmanuelle Ginestier
Leah Eppy
Leila Abdalla
Sonia Rodriguez Benitez