We are proud of the friends that we have made over the years and value their feedback. Their stories are our story and full of rich personal experience.


"You are not just a community centre but a hub that has veins right across the City"
 Cllr Mary Mears (previous Brighton & Hove City Council Head)
"A tree is known by its fruits. Your fruits are seen in what you do for families"
 Cllr Bill Randall (former head and Mayor of Brighton & Hove City Council)
"Since its conception, Fresh Start has sought to embrace its neighbours, and listen intuitively to what they say, and, quite naturally and hospitably, respond with suitable programmes and facilities to meet the expressed longings. The children find significance and value in groups in which they are shown respect. Fresh Start celebrates individual uniqueness whilst building a sense of community around shared meals and activities"
 Dr Marie Anne Essam MB BSr
"I work with several community groups right across the City and you are the most diverse community group"
 Nikki Cambridge (Council Officer for Equalities Team in the City)
"What you are doing in your club is giving these children an experience in togetherness and community that they will remember and value forever."
 Hugh Bennett (former High Sheriff of East Sussex)
"You are so caring towards people and you teach the parents and children good boundaries. I have seen your work has affected the troubled children and when they come in they are well behaved "
 Robert Cristofoli (Head of Council for many years and has been involved with local Education authority at very senior levels)


"Absolutely an amazing work"
 Suzanne Baker (Seedbed Funding)
"We are so touched by the incredible work you do for families"
 First Tuesday Ladies
"You have developed such a close knit community"
 Nathan Au (FareShare)
"You fulfil Governmental initiatives of community cohesion and integration so naturally"
 Elizabeth Mleli (formerly of Scarman Trust then later Rural Sussex)
"Such a valuable work "
 Global grants (Brighton and Hove City Council)
"What an investment in young people"
 Jeremy and Caroline Hubert (words spoken following their son Declan’s funeral. They donated the offering that was taken at his funeral)
"We are delighted to support such an inspirational and effective group of people. "
 Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club


"I grew in confidence through the Kidz Club that Fresh Start runs. I have fond memories coming to the club when I was a teenager. When I get married I want to have the reception at Moulsecoomb hall where the clubs used to run"
 SH (23 yrs old- working in Retail)
"I used to have problems going to school; the bullying I went through and also I couldn’t travel in buses alone. J at Fresh Start helped me and now I am working and I have a boyfriend"
 SH (20 yrs old)
"I want to say thank you to M at Fresh Start. If I didn’t get the help, I would have been a naughty boy in the streets” “I have special needs and I have come to the clubs since I was 8” “I am now a helper at Fresh Start"
 DA (18 yrs old. Attends College)
"Fresh Start has taught me a variety of skills, such as working in a team, listening, talking, helping and caring for one another, which I am now able to share though activities like teen group, which is basically for teenagers to come and chill out make new friends"
 Current member (16 years’ old - in senior school - attended club since 11)
"“I love coming to the Club"
 SH (23 yrs old- working in Retail)
"My son cries every time we pass this place wanting to come in"
 AB (mother of 4 year old child)



"The experience I have gained has been priceless and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the children and it has been an absolute privilege to be involved in such a caring community.  The work you all do is amazing and I am so proud to have been a part of it"
 IO (Brighton University student)


"I wish there was a place like this when I was growing up. I went completely off the rails and there was no one out there. You don’t realise the life line you give these young people"
 J (Window Cleaner- supported the centre a few years ago with charging a minimal fee for cleaning the windows in the entire building)
"What you do for families is amazing"
 Electrician (who supported the centre by charging a very minimal fee for work undertaken)
"You have brought back the old British values of family. We so need it today"
"I am from overseas and Fresh Start have made me feel welcome and have given my family and me a community to belong to"
"I am a single mother and no one has helped as Fresh Start has done for me and my children"
"Thank you thank you thank you, we are overwhelmed with the support we have received as a family"
 K & M
"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything Fresh Start Community Centre has done for my boys and me"