Fresh Start is supported by many volunteers who have helped to make our work possible.  They carry out a variety of essential roles including support of learning, setting up, cooking, cleaning, transport and training. 

They have received training in the ethos of Fresh Start as well as other training as required for their roles.

Volunteer and child

Current Volunteers

Jason Hider
Graham Milne
Nicki Mills
Pat Arrend
Aman Jamwal
Siobhan Humphrys
Katie Jayaratnasingham
Teheillah Joseph
Koah Joseph
Micah Joseph
Caleb Joseph
Christina Summers
Fiona Bell
Marie-Anne Essam
Caroline Hubert
Jo Hall
Clive Humphrys
Laura Bradley

Previous Volunteers

Estey Peck
Maya Stare
Alex Green
Emma Green
Marie Claire Nyirahirwa
Daniel Aitchison
Sarah Jarvis