What we do

The charity offers support for individuals and families who desire to help themselves.

We run regular activities and provide mentoring that create equality among all, regardless of ability, faith, gender, race, political persuasion, sexual orientation or other personal differences. In this way we provide an even playing field where everyone’s strengths are built upon for their destiny and purpose.  This creates an atmosphere of positivity, in which the most challenging behaviour can be managed and which has a significant effect on the individuals it touches.

Homework Club

Over the years our research has shown that individuals who feel socially isolated may be fearful of the agencies that exist to offer support because they feel threatened and are worried about being labelled. At Freshstart we not only offer the support and expertise of our community but also help to provide a bridge to enable access to broader services by partnering with external agencies.

Our services have developed out of the feedback from users who are encouraged to contribute their own valuable experiences into the support being offered. The success of our relationship based projects enables parents to take their position within the family and also equips the children to respect their authority.
I wish there was a place like this when I was growing up. I went completely off the rails and there was no one out there. You don’t realise the life line you give these young people
J - Window Cleaner supported the centre a few years ago with charging a minimal fee for cleaning the windows in the entire building